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Update:  Pretty expensive paper weight 'ay!  Just kidding, I've got many years use out of this mod and so far I'm pretty lucky because none of my local stations have made the DTV Switch yet, so I still get to enjoy TV in my car.  I'm going to be looking into adding a digital tuner, which I feel is possible, sometime in the future so feel free to check back.

I do however still have the DVD Changer running so DVD's in the car are good, and with the introduction of the SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry I can watch and control my DirecTV right on my BlackBerry!  So sweet....but as you can see there's not much motivation to monkey around with the TVonNav, as of yet.....

So, if you're here for this mod please understand that your going to have to do some tweaking to the Video Module.  If your sole purpose is to play DVD's there are far less expensive alternatives for a DVD changer.


Here's my TVonNAV install with a backup camera included.  Basically with this I get all the antenna TV stations displayed on my navigation screen and then I wired up a reverse camera so it will click on and show me what's behind me when the car goes into reverse OR I can flick a switch to see what's behind me.

Tools are pretty basic, but a bit of wiring knowledge is needed:

  • Extra wire, 14 gauge should be good.  Red and Black are best for color to note Positive / Negative.
  • 8mm, 10mm Sockets
  • Ratchet
  • Ratchet extension
  • Pry tools for trim
  • Heat Gun
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • Soldering iron and solder
  • Electrical tape
  • Navigation removal tools [I made mine out of a coat hanger]
  • 2 pole toggle switch
  • Dremmel with a grinding bit
  • Fishing tool [I used a coat hanger with the end taped up]
  • Standard 4 pin automotive relay
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire taps
  • Spade connectors
  • Wire strippers
  • Wire crimping tool
  • Volt Meter [with DC capability]
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Here’s what I’m installing, TVonNAV Module:
And this, Backup Camera:
First disconnect the Negative Battery Cable:
Then remove the Nav and pull the cover:
Now it’s time to test the TV Module first:
Worked the first try:
Now test the other cable that comes with the TVonNAV system, I think this second cable is the video in motion bypass:
Bam, we have TV in motion folks:
A view of the reception, understand the antennas are still sitting in the trunk….It gets better:
You may or may not have a lot of junk in your trunk, but I do, so all this needs to come out.  Not too much fun:
I use a long extension to get at the bolts back there.  There’s 2 of these, 1 bracket is for the CDC and the other bracket is actually for the TV Module:
Now remove these 2 bolts:
And pull everything out:
Now that we know everything works, it’s time to route the antennas to their final location in the C-Pillar.  First remove rear headrest, this is done by pulling them straight up:
To get the rear bench seat out grab in the center of each seat and pull straight up, then remove the rear seat backs.  Loosen this nut, pull seat bracket away:
Then remove the lower bolt and lift the seatback up:
Now remove the C-Pillars, pop out this light:
Remove these 3 screws and slide it out:
Now remove the speaker cover on the rear shelf:
Now we are ready to fish the antenna cables.  I used a coat hanger with the end taped up to fish through the grommet that exist. This view is from deep in the trunk:
And here's where the coat hanger comes out:
Now tap the antenna leads on and pull it back through.  I chose to do it this way because the connections on the end of the antenna leads that plug in the antenna are large:
Now here’s where you mount the antennas, I just used a sheet metal screws:
After you have attached the antennas to the car body, hook them up to the existing rear window antenna:
And here’s the passenger side, I just tucked the antenna cable under the rear window shade enclosure:
Now we’ll leave the TV Module stuff alone and move onto the Backup Camera.  I have PDC so I did not have to drill a hole, I just used the existing:
Fish your coat hanger through and it comes out the bumper hole, then I pulled the cables back through:
Now un-tape and keep fishing.  I pulled the cables to this point and stopped to start working on the hole for the camera:
Remove this and start using the dremmel:
Here’s the start of it:
Mostly done, so I will pull the cables and finalize for exact fitment:
Almost ready, I prepared the cables to sit in the bumper with heat shrink and tape:
Here’s the final hole ready to move on?  I was……:
Here’s what it looks like:
Now put your cables through the existing PDC grommet hole and get the rubber grommet back in place:
Lets hook up the camera to make sure it works.  First simply connect the Video Cable to the Camera input on the TV Module Harness:
Now comes a bit of wiring, so I will try and detail it the best I can.

Here we go: 

My Pink[ish] Arrows:

  • Red Wire = 12 volt switched power for the camera.

  • Brown Wire = Ground.

My Green Arrow:

  • Standard Automotive Relay.

My Yellow Arrows:

  • Yellow wire = Reverse Light Positive.

  • Black Wire = Reverse Light Ground.

My Red Arrow:

  • Blue Wire = Tap to Pin 17 on the Video Harness.

Here’s the tap on Pin 17 of the Video Module Harness:
Ok let’s make sure it works when the car goes into reverse, yep it does:
Now let’s get ready for the long run from the rear to the front.  I needed a little break so I screwed with the switch fitment.  Just pop this out and remove the blank black cover:
After a little time with the dremel you get this:
Now we have to go from the blue wire previously pictured all the way the plate we just removed.  Again I went through the same hole and pulled the wire through to the back:
Tape the wire on and pull it into the trunk.  I ran it through the existing harness because I didn’t want to remove my subs in the trunk:
Ready to go to the front?:
Pop the lower trim / kick plate thing:
No need to remove the B-Pillar as the wire can be pushed under it:
Now remove the lower front trim / kick plate just the same as the rear, and tuck it under the carpet:
Now remove this, 3 screws in the front and 3 push screws on the back of it [closets to firewall]:
Fish a positive and ground up through:
Now jump the back and tap the blue wire we previously tapped [Pin 17] coming off the TV Module Harness:
Now back to the front and connect up the switch.  I chose to ground it in the main cabin:
Now snap the toggle in the piece you cut out, put it back in place and get ready for the success of all your DIY labor, we’re almost done:
Now I had a little arranging and cleaning up to do, but here is what it looks like in the trunk now:
Button everything back up:
Reconnect your Negative Battery Cable:
And enjoy your new Car TV / NAV with Backup Camera and an “On Demand” feature.  Here are some TV shots:
And then the really weird thing is it appears I get MTV2 on station 30 but I got this before it came in:
And then this showed up, hmmmmm:
Here’s the “On Demand” Backup Camera on the road:
And another:

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