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Enjoy, and remember ALWAYS work safe and I assume NO RESPONSIBILTY for your actions, mechanical abilities or anything that may occur during the nature of any repair.

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FAQ & Legal

Let's get some facts straight with some Q & A / Legal notices.  Please read this page thoroughly, as it will somewhat describe the terms and conditions of the content I provide.  Make sure you read it carefully and if you have any questions just ask me.
FAQ: Legal:
  • Q: Can I hotlink your photos?S

    • A: Sure, but please give me credit.  You may also point the user to the page via a link and let them know what they should look at or read.

  • Q: Can I steal your information and pass it off as my own?

    • A: No, I produce everything that is contained in this site.  The pictures I take, the info I write, the themes I build.  This is mine and I work very hard to produce it in easy to understand terms.

  • Q: Where does all this information and photos come from?

    • A: Me!  I have thoroughly documented each step I describe, each how to, each DIY.  I DO NOT troll the internet and steal other peoples info, and you shouldn't either.  It's not cool.

  • Q: I think I have the ability to do some of the work you have done, but I am just not sure?

    • A: If you have any doubt about your ability to repair something you SHOULD NOT attempt it.  Take it to the appropriate party and let them deal with it.  Sometimes [most of the time], you'll end up spending more money to have someone else fix the original problem and anything else you may have screwed up along the way.

  • Q: Are you a professional or certified mechanic by trade?

    • A: No, I just have a knack for fixing stuff and happen to be very handy.

  • Q: Where do you buy your tools from?

    • A: Mostly from Sears - Craftsman tools are great!  I will periodically buy a few things at Harbor Freight.

  • Q: How can I ask you a question?

  • Q: Why do you provide this detailed information?

    • A: Because knowledge is power!  You may not know how to fix something, but by reading this info and viewing the MANY pictures I provide will give you a better understanding of what you may be up against or what the person who will fix it for you is going to have to do.  Sometimes people will want to charge you more labor than it actually takes, and in my opinion that isn't cool.

  • Q: If I make a donation what does it go towards?

    • A: Donations go towards keeping this site alive.  Bandwidth is not cheap and it sure goes quickly.

  • Q: What should I do if I started a project and got it over my head?

    • A: For starters you should remain calm.  Then you should pick up the phone and either try and find a friend or relative that may be able to help you, and if that fails start calling around to find a professional that can help you out of your jam.

  • Q: What should I do if I plan to take on a project?

    • A: Plan ahead, make sure you have the correct tools for the job.  This statement should stand true for any project, no matter if it seems like and easy one or not.  Always plan ahead, do your research first!

  • Q: I found some typos, what should I do?

    • A: Lol, move on....

  • Q: I found a link within your website that doesn't work, what should I do?

    • A:  Please e-mail me via the Contact Page and I will look into, and should this happen, thanks in advance for letting me know.

I have no affiliation with any of these companies, except for the fact that I buy their products and thoroughly enjoy them.

  • BMW is a registered trademark of BMW / BMWNA.

  • Kawasaki is a registered trademark of Kawasaki.

Who is liable should you [the reader] screw up a repair, fix or anything else I provide information on?

  • You are, I don't know your mechanical or technical abilities.  If you don't have the knowledge or feel comfortable fixing or tinkering with stuff pay someone to do it.  It will save you a lot headaches in the long run.


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