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I installed some polished metal gauge rings to spice up the speedo.  Easy install and minimal toolds required.


  • T-10 Torx Bit
  • Needle Nose Pilers
  • Pry tool [I have a plastic panel puller set that works great and doesn't scratch or mar the surface]
  • Bonding agent of some sort


Please Click On Any Picture Below To Enlarge That Picture.
These are the gauge rings I am installing:
Here’s the tools I used to do this job:
Here’s the bonding agent I chose, just to make sure a ring didn’t pop out one day:

Put the steering wheel all the way down and out.  DO NOT start the car or turn the key at all while the cluster is out, I repeat DO NOT start the car or turn the key at all while the cluster is out.

For piece of mind take the key out of the ignition and put it in your pocket:

Remove the two T-10 Torx screws at the top of the cluster:
Next, pry the top of the unit out.  I used my set of Bavarian Auto’s plastic puller tool kit:
Put a cloth or towel on the top of the steering wheel casing and slide the cluster out.  Next remove the 3 connectors on the rear of the cluster.  Sorry no pics of the connectors, but it’s a tight fit....:
Pop this green cable holder out of its hole.  Simply pinch and pull:
Here’s the back view of the cluster totally removed:
Here’s the [I ASSuME] tamper proof label.  I simply sliced it:
Separating this thing is a bitch.  I took needle nose pliers and twisted these “X” hooks to line them up with:
Then I took my plastic tool and pushed these clips while pulling:
I had best luck starting it at the bottom and working my way around the cluster in very small increments:
Here’s the cluster separated:
2 of the small rings installed.  I just put a dab of adhesive to hold in place:
This was the difficult part, the plastic front does not separate, so I every so lightly bent the ring to slide it in and then when pushing it in place it seemed to round right back out.  Again just a couple dabs of adhesive to attach:
Here’s a look at the back of the cluster cover with the rings installed.  If you look around the back of the rings, you’ll see a very small groove, well this is where I applied more adhesive to make sure these rings stay in place for years to come:
Front view, rings installed….Make sure you clean off any finger prints:
Cluster back in case and ready to be re-installed:
Putting the cluster back in is cake…Plug the 3 connectors back up, insert the cluster back in place and tight up the screws:
Couple views of the cluster back in the car:
Another interior shot:
Bad pic, but I had it:
Close up completely installed.  Everything works, NO lost pixel or lights so I call it a success:

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