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So my rocker panels developed a few ''waves'' here and there, so I figured some of the clips that hold them on may have come loose and I was partially right. Some of the clips had come loose, but they also have some goop in the top groove that helps hold them tight to the body up top. So I took them off, replaced the clips and also put some new 3M double sided tape on top of the goop. Had I known they had goop I would have got some but I didn't, now I do and all of you will!

So I took the door sill covers off to make them stop waving at me. Simple stuff really, but I figured some of you would like to see what it looks like, how many clips are there and so on, so here's some info for you. If you plan on doing this make sure you buy new clips you will be able to salvage some but my goal was to replace them all. Also you may want to buy a few of these expanding rivets because sure as shit a few of the heads will crack from age.


  • 51 71 8 259 025 - There are 11 on each side.
  • 51 71 8 259 788 - Buy a few, they will crack from age.
  • 51 71 7 037 660 - There are supposed to be 2 of these on each side, furthest front and furthest rear, but my dealer said they are no longer available so I just used the plastic clips and they have held up great for 2+ years.


  • Needle nose pliers
  • 10mm socket
  • Ratchet
  • Puller Tool or flathead screwdriver
Please Click On Any Picture Below To Enlarge That Picture.
Basically to get started you want to remove the screws that hold the rocker panels on underneath the car.  There should be 3 on each side and they have a 10mm hex head, basically 2 in the front near the wheel well and 1 in the rear near the wheel well.  Then there are 8 expanding rivets along the bottom.

Here's a pic of the screws you're looking for:

Here's a pic of the expanding rivets:
Once these are all removed you should be able to slide the rocker panels up or down and remove them.  Here's the drivers side off, pretty filthy huh, well not by the time I finish:
Passenger side off, can you tell where one of the ''waves'' were?  Yep the clip had broke and wasn't holding the rocker panel anymore:
And another shot of the passenger side prior to removing all of the clips:
This is why I say slide up or down to remove.  As you can see in this pic these clips slide into a groove on the back side of the rocker panel.

To remove the door sill covers basically remove the 8 push pin style fasteners and the 3 10mm screws, then SLOWLY pull the door sill covers off. They are connected buy hook type clips and when you pull the door sill covers off, some will stay with the car and some will come with the cover. The one's that stay with the car, remove however you'd like, but be careful with sharp objects. I chose to use my $20 plastic puller tool I bought from Bav Auto:

Here a close up after the clips is removed:
Once they are off I cleaned the door sill covers and the door sills [rocker panels as I like to call them] and applied a coat of wax. Nice and 'perty, I've noted one of the holes, there are 11 total:
Here's a pic on the door sill cover on the floor:
Here's 4 of the 11 clips installed:
Here's a close up of how they slide in. These clips come as one piece and the white you see ''snaps'' into the holes on the door sill [rocker panel]:
Here's a pic of the goop, similar to what's holds the sound proofing stuff on the door. Looks very similar to roof tar, but thicker in consistency:
And here you have it, no more waves!:

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