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Enjoy, and remember ALWAYS work safe and I assume NO RESPONSIBILTY for your actions, mechanical abilities or anything that may occur during the nature of any repair.

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In trying to keep full records of my repairs I have to document the easy and difficult repairs, right!  This might come in handy for a n00b, but most of you seasoned individuals could do this blind folded.  Note:  I didn’t say with one hand tied behind your back, why? because these batteries are HEAVY. 

Scenario, car sat for a couple days, then I started messing around with some electrical stuff and this killed my battery.  I recharged it at a slow pace but it just wouldn’t hold a charge, so a new battery was needed.  The battery I am replacing was just about 4 years old, so I feel I got some good life out of it given the electrical gadgets I have installed in the car.

I opted for the BMW branded battery which was list $180, but $161 with my BMWCCA discount.  So basically, less core and discount, my total out the door with tax was $173.23 for a battery part number 61 21 6 901 815.  The “werker” brand at batteries plus was $159 + tax.....

Not much needed, 20 minutes or so, 10mm wrench or socket and you’re ready to go.



  • 10mm Wrench
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Here’s a shot of the new battery, look at the blue circle and you might be able to notice the nice green dot.  The red circle just shows you specs.
Here’s the replacement procedure.  There are basically 5 steps before you pull the battery, 1-4 are shown below and then 5 which is the vent hose removal will come later.  All 10mm except the wing nut on the jack.  Remove everything is this order:
Remove this long bolt and the plate it threads through.  This holds the battery in place:
Then remove the negative battery cable, I wrapped it in a towel as you’ll see below:
Then switch over to the other side and remove the positive battery cable, I wrapped it in a towel as you’ll see later:
Pull the positive cable off:
Next carefully slide the battery towards the rear of the car [the tail light area], see the blue arrow, and remove the vent tube.  The vent tube nipple just pulls out:
Now grab these two handles and get up your strength, is heavy and awkward so take your time:
Now get ready to put the new one in.  Once in and situated, slide it back if needed and attach the vent tube:
Again, it just snaps in:
Now situate the battery and bolt the plate in to secure the battery in place:
Like so:
Then hook up positive first:
Then negative:
Slide the jack back on the:
And attach the wing nut:
And here’s the final result, looks just the same as before doesn’t it.

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