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I made the switch to full synthetic oil and high flow oil filter.   Minimal tools required for this job.


  • Oil Filter of your choice
  • Drain Plug Washer Part # 92065-097
  • Oil of your choice [I suggest you get 3 quarts if you don’t have extra of  the same brand on hand]


  • Torque Wrench

  • Ratchet

  • 17MM Socket / Socket Extension

  • 4MM Hex Wrench or Socket

  • Oil Filter Wrench [Cup] for oil filter removal

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Here's what I used:
Start by briefly warming the engine, and then remove the lower fairing.  Use a screwdriver or similar to pry out the plastic pin and then pull the snaps out.  There are three total, one in the front and two underneath:
Now remove these three hex bolts, they are 4MM:
Now pull out from the bottom of the lower fairing and work it off.  Take note of this clips that attached the upper fairing to the lower fairing, see arrow:
Now prepare to change the oil.  We’ll first remove 1 the oil filler plug, then 2 the oil drain plug and finally three the oil filter:
Unscrew the oil filler plug:
Now take your 17MM socket and wrench and remove the oil drain plug:
Once loose you can just use your fingers to remove.  BE CAREFUL of hot oil:
Now let the oil drain while you  take the oil filter off:
Ok onto the oil filter, boy am I glad I had this oil filter cup because the dealer sure did put the oil filter on tight at my 600 mile service.  There is no way I could have removed this by hand.  Fit the cup on the oil filter and remove filter.  Take care of the oil that will drain so you don’t get oil all over the header:
Let it drain.  After removing the oil filter I let the bike sit for 5 minutes or so to get rid of as much oil as possible:
Now get ready to put the new oil filter on.  Open one of the new bottles of oil and apply some of the oil from the cap to the oil filters o-ring [gasket]:
Like so:
Now fit the oil filter cup on the new oil filter and screw the oil filter on by hand:
Like so, just hand tight for now is good:
Now fit your torque wrench on the oil filter cup and torque the oil filter to 13 ft. lbs.:
Now either take the new drain plug washer and put it onto the drain bolt, or search through your oil pan to find the one that probably fell off:
Like this, mine happen to not come off with the drain bolt and fell into the oil.  Glad I bought a new one for the whopping $.39 the dealer charges.  Not to mention the old washer had some grooves on it so I would not have reused it anyway.  On a side note, I am surprised how dirty this oil is the dealer did the 600 mile service and I only have 2,304 miles on it now.  Hmm, I haven’t seen dino oil in years as I run full synthetic in my cars, but this shit looks filthy:
Alright the oil is drained, so let’s get ready to button up the rest of it.  Take your new washer, drain bolt and screw it in hand tight and then torque it to 22 ft. lbs.:
Now fill it up with oil:
Alright after 2 quarts all looks good.  Start up the bike and let it circulate for a few minutes:
Then shut it down and let it set for a few more minutes to allow the oil to drain down.  Well WTF, 2 quarts my ass, I added a bit more oil.  So in total I put just a little more than 2 quarts back in:
And finally a mileage shot 2,304 and the switch to full synthetic is on..!:

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