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*** These are the notes of my install, they are not meant to be a substitute for the instructions that came with the Escort Laser Shifter ZR3.  If you are not familiar with your cars electrical setup, you do not know how to remove parts, trim and the like DO NOT attempt this install, instead have a professional install it for you. ***

My Order of Installation:

  • Rear Sensor

  • Front Sensors

  • Power Unit / Brain

  • Display Unit


  • A Bunch............
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Here's what I am installing:
I started out with the rear laser shifter sensor.  It sure would have been great if the phone connectors fit the power unit J. STOP:  Do not cut until you know you have “Mini” RJ-11 connector’s, make sure you have at least 5!  My local Radio Shack, Micro-Center, Ace or Home Depot did not have these, so I ended up at a custom cable shop called House of Cables.  Connectors shown = WRONG.  Too lazy to snap a new pic……
OK now that you know you have the proper connectors, cut of the connector and start here.  Take a small flat head screwdriver and pop out the license plates light[s] out.  I removed both, just because:
Now I mounted the rear laser diffuser on the plate, tucked the cable and popped the license plate light back in:
As you can see it looks real clean, and you really can’t notice the cable at all:
Fish the cable through your preferred route and bring it out at the lower passenger side trunk.  Remove the inner trunk lid lining by pulling on a corner, this is help in place by push connectors, you do not need to remove the whole trunk lid liner:
Pull the black rubber piece from the trunk lid.  Now you have your choice of cutting the connector for the rear laser diffuser or not cutting it, your choice.  If you want to cut it you can fish it through with the factory wiring.  If you fish it be careful of the existing factory wiring:
Remove this cover, I think it was a 10mm socket, and then pull the black rubber piece from the trunk gutter, just as you did above, and fish your cable through coming through above the battery:
The rear laser diffuser cable should come through here:
I then placed the rear laser diffuser cable behind the black covering, then behind the side trunk lining:
Now go to the rear seat and remove it.  You remove the seat by grabbing in the center of each seat and giving it a nice firm pull up:
Now that the seat is out of the way feed the rear laser diffuser cable through here, this is located in the front-middle of the trunk area:
With the rear seat removed, you should be able to easily pull the rear laser diffuser cable through to the back seat:
I ran the cable along the back of the rear seat, you will be able to see some existing clips that you can use to secure the cable:
Take a 10mm socket and remove the trim bolt located to left of the seatbelt in the rear seat:
To remove the actual trim piece, I have the best luck using a long flat head screwdriver and popping it loose:
If any of the clips do not come loose simply remove them with your tool of choice, I use needle nose pliers:
Tuck the cable under the carpet and run it up to the B-Pillar:
Continue the run by tucking under the B-Pillar, no need for removal as you can tuck in under pretty easy:
Pop the front lower trim piece using the same method as the rear, there are no bolts securing this piece, it just pops loose via the screwdriver method.  I was able to pop this piece loose using my figures and continue my run:
I pulled the interior door trim, which assisted in tucking the cable along the glove box and dash area:
I tucked the cable around the dash, wound it up and stopped, I will run the cable further when I do the front sensors:
Now onto the front sensors, I chose to remove the bumper trim and fog lights. I did the trim by using a plastic trim puller tool.  Next remove the fog lights, and if you don’t know how to remove the fog lights you probably shouldn’t be doing this install:
Remove these 2 fasteners, 8mm I'm remembering....:

To remove the bumper you must remove 2 bolts located under the front of the bumper cover. 

They are Torx T-50 and long, once these bolts are removed you can slide the bumper forward and lay it on your sheet.  The bumper weighs 20-30 lbs, not that heavy, but if you think you need a helper get one:

Here it is, Ouch what did I do!:
OK, so I don’t have any pics of the brackets I had to fabricate.  WHY, because the standard brackets I bought did not fit, frustration set in and I was back to the hardware store where I bought a couple pieces of metal to fabricate what I needed.  On the inside of the bumper is some metal, I drilled through it and secured the brackets and front sensors, this worked great and is very secure.  Bumper is back on and looks good:
Here you can see how I ran the cables through the existing clips.  Keep the cables away from moving parts and hot surfaces:
Close up of front sensors, you can see the brackets behind the grill.  I ran the wiring along the front of the vehicle.  You will see many clips along the front when the bumper is removed that are ideal for securing the cables.  Sorry for the lack of pics here, but I only have 2 hands and took this one on by myself:
Now into the engine bay, I ran the cables up near the headlights securing them via zip-ties.  Make sure you keep all these cables away from heat and moving objects:
“X” marks the spot to drill out and run the cable through.  Don’t forget your rubber grommets:
Grommet in and ready to go, I drilled and then used my dremel to smooth out the edges:
Top view, cables are wrapped in the slinky stuff and secured properly:
Remove this, again if you don’t know how you shouldn’t be doing this project:
I chose to go through the firewall via the hood release.  Remove this plastic shield, it’s tough mainly because of space, have faith:
Interior foot-well shot, you can see my coat hanger coming straight at you:
For the next step, I had great luck with this:
After figuring out where the coat hanger wanted to come through at, I sliced a small hole if the rubber and pushed the coat hanger through the rest on the way:
Here’s the coat hanger ready to pull the front laser sensor cables into the interior of the car.  Tape the cables up real good, I staggered them, and pull them into the interior of the car:
There both of them are through.  I taped the entry slice real good and moved to the next step:
Now secure this plastic shield, it goes on easier then it came off!:
Here you can see the cables coming into the interior:
I run the cables through the footwell and up the trim just like I did for the rear cable:
Here’s where you want to go wash your hands, you don’t want to ruin your interior!  Run the cables for both the rear and front sensors up here and tuck under the headliner.  FYI, I ran the rear sensor cable up the passenger A-Pillar and the front sensor cable up the drivers side A-Pillar:
Drop the overhead light and panel to finish out the install.  I’m almost there:Here’s where I chose to mount the brain.  Tight fit, but I got it:
Here’s where I chose to mount the brain.  Tight fit, but I got it:
Brain is in place and all the sensors are hooked up:
There’s where it will stay for now, on top of the mirror.  I hope it powers up:

And it's still there in 2013.....good location!

Note:  Pic not taken in '09:

Oh yeah, I’m done.  The final location of the display unit sits atop the mirror, so far it seems like a good location and I am happy with it:

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