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I had the need to get some cables from the trunk to the center console / arm rest area and found a nice easy way.


  • Philips Head Screwdriver

  • Coat Hanger

  • Electrical Tape

  • String

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I started out by removing both passenger and driver side trim pieces below the center console and dash area.  These are in two parts:
This is the passenger side rear trim piece, this clip slides back and out.  DO NOT try and pull straight out as the clip may break off:
Here’s a look at the back side of the passenger side front trim panel.  3 clips and 1 screw hole:
Driver side, the screw is somewhere by the arrow:
Driver side trim panel, again 3 clips and 1 screw hole. Remove the back section just the same as the passenger rear piece:
A small screw for the driver and passenger sides release the rear trim piece below the power outlet and rear vents:
The vent and power outlet where somewhat hard to figure out how to release.  The best this I can tell you is to take your time.  I ended up separating the 2 by working with the power outlet panel.  This is the vent:
Vent out and power outlet out:
Sorry for the crappy pic.  I had best luck running a coat hanger from the rear center console to the rear seat.  Make sure you tape up the end  of the coat hanger good to help in NOT slicing existing wiring:
Here’s the coat hanger coming up from the middle of the rear seat, fished under the carpet:
Coat hanger is running right under the carpet in the center hump:
Tape some string on the coat hanger and pull it through.  I used 3 pieces of string, 1 for pulling cable, 1 just in case and 1 to leave should I ever need to pull more cable:
Tied of the end while pulling the string through just is case I got to jerky and accidentally pulled it through:
String is pulled!:
Now attach your cable[s] to the string and pull some cable:
It took some pulling but it went through:
I tied my extra, future use, piece of string off here and tucked it below the carpet:
Like so:
You can’t hardly see it, huh.  Put your seat back in and you’re done:

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