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The Valentine One Radar Detector is the best of the best in radar detection and location and when you add the Stealth One Interface it makes it even better.  In my opinion the Stealth One add on is just too awesome!  You get your radar detector alerts / notifications directly on your Multifunction Display in the Instrument Cluster, so basically you can put the radar detector up by the rearview mirror or somewhere else out of the way of your vision and glance at your speedo / MID to see what direction the radar is coming from.  The stealth one displays the directional arrows just like the valentine one does, but it integrates this on the Multifunction Display. 


  • Valentine One radar Detector
  • Stealth One Integration Kit


  • Panel Puller Tool Set [I have these and they are worth the investment of $10]
  • Or Screwdriver to pull a few panels
  • Pliers to crimp the wire tap
Please Click On Any Picture Below To Enlarge That Picture.
Here’s the ”package” for radar detection / location:
Don’t forget your update cable.  They do issue updates and if you don’t have this you can’t do them yourself, instead you would need to ship the unit back to them for the update:
Let’s get started.  I had the best luck first removing the panel that houses the phone mic, sunroof opener and UDGO [universal garage door opener].  Simply start from the front of the panel:
Next remove the overhead light, you can do this by simply pushing in the silver clips and dropping it down:
I ran the Stealth One cable as illustrated in this pic:
Now that the cable is ran across the headliner and down the A-pillar you need to find and tap the I-Bus wire located behind the glove box:
Upon start up of the car you’ll now see this:
Here’s where you can set the mode of the Valentine One:
Here’s you can program the Stealth One for your particular BMW model:
Scrolling through the programming, you can pick and choose from various settings:
Here you can chose how you want the arrows to be displayed on the Multifunction Display:
Now that I know this works I closed everything up:
And mounted the V-1 up to the left of the mirror.  It really hides nicely up there, and it is really nice to be able to look directly at your Multifunction Display for the V-1’s radar location information:
Here is a short Video to show you how you program the S-1 on the Multifunction Display.  You can choose from various things, like how the alert arrows are shown, to auto mute below a certain speed and so on.  I've had this setup since 2004, I think it is really cool and works flawlessly:  

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