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I wanted a place to mount my Amp, Capacitor, DVD Changer and anything else I may come across in the future.  So I built a custom wood shelf to mount to the top of the trunk shelf.  It took a little bit to get the design layout and I actually started with a piece of cardboard to get all the angles cut right and from there I traced it on a piece of wood and went at it.

I think it turn out great and has served its purposed very well!

Basically I used:

  • A large piece of wood
  • A Bottle of Spray Adhesive
  • A few nuts, bolts and washers
  • Some screws
  • A drill and drill bits
  • A 1 1/2" hole bit
  • A saw [jigsaw is best because of the angles]
  • Various sockets 6mm, 8mm and 10mm
  • Ratchet
  • Dremel
  • Staple Gun

Basically the whole rear interior of the vehicle needs to come out, this includes the rear seat, speaker cover, c pillars and rear window shade.  It was long project, but I am extremely happy with the results.

Below please find the full install details.

Please Click On Any Picture Below To Enlarge That Picture.
Remove the rear seat headrest, first fully extend them and then firmly pull up to release:
Remove the c-pillar lights this is done by starting at the top to release the clips, and then unplug lights:
Unscrew the screws; there are 3 in each [left & right] c-pillar:
Remove the rear bench seat; this is easily down by firmly pulling up where the arrows point:
Now remove the rear seat back.  There is 1 nut and 1 screw that have to be removed and then you just pull out and then up to remove.  Here’s the first nut:
Here’s the second screw:
Remove the first aid kit storage bin, this is simple, just grab each side and pull up:
Remove the rear center armrest / storage console, there are 2 nuts on the bottom.  After these are removed simply pull out and then lift up:
Remove the rear shelf speaker cover; this is done by removing the 4 push clips that run along the front of the cover.  The arrows show 2 of the 4:
Now there are 2 screws underneath the speaker cover [grates], see arrow, you have to remove the grates to get at them.  Mine are no longer attached J, oh well shit happens and I can’t see a purpose for them anyway:
Move to the trunk and unscrew the electric rear window shade.  Here are the 3 mounting points for the shade, 2 are screws and 1 is a nut:
Now go back in the rear seat and unplug the window shade and proceed to removal:
Here’s a pic of the back of the shade:
Now it is time to start cutting and tweaking the mounting shelf.  This took some time to get it just right, but was a good break.  Hmmm, looks weird but fits pretty well I just need to clean up some edges, do a little sanding and get the mounting figured out.  Note, the middle cut out is so the trunk light will still shine and the third brake light can be changed with removing any of this:
On to the mounting, there are actually some really good spots you can use without drilling a bunch of holes.  Let’s take a look, there is a set of holes that run directly up into the rear interior shelf.  I simply took a small drill bit to push through the holes and make sure all was cool.  Once it was I started mount 2 of my four mounting points, here is a look from the trunk:
Now here is a look from the interior shelf, this is 1 of the 2 I have done so far:
Now I need to find 2 more, and there just weren’t 2 more factory holes I could use so I have to drill:
I drilled the holes just big enough for the small bolts to fit through:
Now on to fitment and making sure I drill the correct holes in the wood.  I only had 2 hands so the duct tape helped, resourceful huh!:
Now I moved to the interior and pushed a drill bit down through the holes I drilled to mark the wood:
Now that we have it test fitted it’s time to drill the final holes.  I used a 7/8” boring bit to bore the holes out a little to accommodate washers:
Now that we have it fitted, I need to figure out how to mount it without impeding the rear window shade trunk mount screws and nut.  I took a hole punch for the center and a drill bit for the two sides and marked the center of the shade mounting points on the wood:
Now it’s time to drill the holes for the shade mounting.  I used a grommet hole bit to open up a nice sized hole.  This should allow me to leave this mounted should the shade ever need to come out for repair.  The 3 large holes are for the shade mounting entrance and the other 4 are for mounting the shelf to the trunk:
Now that that is done and all cut correctly, let me on the carpet.  My adhesive of choice:
All edges are cleaned up, it’s sanded, carpeted and ready to cut out the holes in the carpet:
Back side:
Cutouts finished, I basically took an exact-o knife and traces the inside of the holes.  A lot of adhesive is nice to keep the holes tacked down now and in the future:
It’s in and fitted nicely, let’s hope the holes work for installing the rear shade.  I used my dremel to trim back the extra length on the bolts:
Rear shade holes, 1 down, 2 to go:
2 down, 1 to go:
3 down, 0 to go:
Now before I put it all back together, I better make sure the sub enclosure will fit clearance wise.  Tight but it slides right in, success:
Now let's move onto putting the car back together.  First I did the rear shade just to make sure the sockets fit in the drilled out holes and they do, I’ll just have to use an extension but that’s no big deal.  Oh, I love it when a plan comes together:
Here’s the finished product.  I going to have to vacuum and comb the back of the sub box to remove the impressions from the prior mounting of the Amp and Capacitor on the sub box:
Dark shot to show the trunk light is still shining through the cutout:
Dark shot of the cap, engine off:

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