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Enjoy, and remember ALWAYS work safe and I assume NO RESPONSIBILTY for your actions, mechanical abilities or anything that may occur during the nature of any repair.

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Minimal parts required, after I got the mirrors I needed a new switch for the driver side control and a new door module on the passenger side:

  • 61-31-6-909-303 - Drivers Door Switch Part Number

  • 61-35-6-904-243 - Passenger Side Door Module Part Number

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These mirrors retain all the same functions as my original mirrors, but they fold and are sporty!  So here’s what they look like:

Let’s get with the install, the door panels for both driver and passenger side must come off, I also disconnected my negative battery feed for reasons of working around the airbags and I will be installing new parts so I want them to sync up properly.  I also found it easier with the windows rolled down!!!  The pics speak for themselves, but I’ll narrate for you.

I started out with the driver side, first I removed the window, mirror adjustment and window lock switch.  Use what you will to pry them out, but I have best luck with a plastic panel puller kit I have:

After the front side is loose, pry up the back:
Then it just slides out:
And unplug the 3 connectors on the back:
Now I moved on to the seat memory button, this pulls out with ease:
Now the lower entry light, first pop out the plastic light cover:
Now the lock, the top cover will pop off with your finger nail:
Then a pair of spring hinged needle nose pliers to separate the pin and pull it up:

Now pop off the door handle plug in the center of the interior door handle to reveal a Philips head screw.  After releasing that you need to grab the door handle, pull out slightly and up, this will release the finisher at the top of the panel [see next pic].  Then you need to slightly twist the door handle mechanism [silver handle] and feed it through the hole.  Next you need to undo the speaker cables before you can walk away with the door panel.

Here’s a pic with the door panel removed.  You’ll be able to see the panel hooks at the top of door:

And then how they hook on the panel:
Now take the mirrors off, there are 3 screws holding these on, 1 of 3:
2 and 3 of 3:
Now feed the old mirror cable out and put the new in, I replaced all the zip ties I had to clip off to remove old cables:
New mirror on but not bolted down yet, don’t forget to bolt it down:
Now start the reassembly of the door panel.  Make sure you transfer any of the rubber / sponge washers that may be stuck to the door to the door panel clips:
Here’s the panel clips with the washers:
Driver Side done, moving onto the passenger, I like them!!!!:
Passenger side comes off just the same.  To replace the door module just release 2 Phillips screws and put in the new one.  Here’s a pic of the new module:
And here’s where it goes, this is a pic of my OLD module:
Reinstall everything on the passenger side, reconnect the battery and take a look at these.....:
There you have it sportier, retained factory setting and got the folding option….What a deal!!!!!

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