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I figure I should also show the easy stuff right, well this is easier than easy and you don't even need to remove the rear bumper, huh?, lol. I saw a newer Lexus one night and thought the license plate lights looked so good I just had to have some.  So after a little searching online I found a set that looked like they would work.  This is definitely what I wanted, wow, what a bright, clean light.  Just be careful with LED's because if you don't get the right ones, they will flicker or worst case not work at all.  These lights have built in resistors, so all was good.

Tools, hah, this one is easier than anything I've done on this car!

  • Small flathead screwdriver

......and about 5 minutes of your time!


Please Click On Any Picture Below To Enlarge That Picture.
Check these LED bulbs out, resistors are built in so no check control error:
Sized up:
You want to see how to install them, lol, pop the light out:
Let it dangle and pull the old bulb out, double lol:
Now here's the important part, very important, pinch these metal clips inward [together] as much as possible without breaking them. Don't break them..... You want a nice tight fit with these bulbs:
Pop the light assembly back in, turn on your parking lights and check them out. IMO they look really good, check out the difference!:
Close up of one of them:
Both of the bulbs in, these are simple garage pics, but you'll get the point:
Another, the cops can't say they can't see my plate, bright light.  There you have it, I recommend them, 2 thumbs up from me:

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