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BMW did not include child seat tether strap anchors in E38's as standard equipment until 2000.  You can however retrofit these into older model E38's.  Below please find instructions on how to retrofit these.  It is a large under taking, but most of the work is what I would call mundane. 

Notes and Part Numbers:
I only installed 2, left & right rear passenger, you can also install one for the middle of the rear seat but I don’t have a need for the third.

Please verify part numbers for your individual car make, model, year and interior color.  The following part numbers are for my ’99 740iL with DSP and Grey Interior.  If you want 3, you will need to up your parts accordingly.


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Here are the parts I used for installation, about $78 total for both:
Remove the rear seat headrest, first fully extend them and then firmly pull up to release:
Remove the c-pillar lights this is done by starting at the top to release the clips, and then unplug lights:
Unscrew the screws; there are 3 in each [left & right] c-pillar:
Remove the rear bench seat; this is easily down by firmly pulling up where the arrows point:
Now remove the rear seat back.  There is 1 nut and 1 screw that have to be removed and then you just pull out and then up to remove.  Here’s the first nut:
Here’s the second screw:
Remove the first aid kit storage bin, this is simple, just grab each side and pull up:
Remove the rear center armrest / storage console, there are 2 nuts on the bottom.  After these are removed simply pull out and then lift up:
Remove the rear shelf speaker cover; this is done by removing the 4 push clips that run along the front of the cover.  The arrows show 2 of the 4:
Now there are 2 screws underneath the speaker cover [grates], see arrow, you have to remove the grates to get at them.  Mine are no longer attached J, oh well shit happens and I can’t see a purpose for them anyway:
Now you have to drill a hole in the speaker cover for the tether bolt to fit through.  On the backside of the cover you will see round indent marks, measure it up just to make sure, and drill the holes.  As previously stated I only installed 2 of these, if you are installing 3, the third one goes in the middle:
And here’s a look at the hook:
Now remove the anchor point bolt [currently hold the speaker shelf down], to install the DSP spacer:
Here’s the spacer installed, torque to proper specs:
Now that the DSP spacers are in, we can start to reassemble.  Start by replacing the speaker cover and finalizing the tether hook install.  The bolt fits through the hole you drilled and should line up with the DSP spacer mounting point:
Put the cap cover on and proceed to putting it all back together in reverse.  Aren’t they pretty:
Here’s a shot from the outside rear of the vehicle, tough to see because of the tint:
Miscellaneous pics, just because it was apart.

Here’s a look at the back of the rear seatback:

Here’s a look at the rear seat mounting points.  The 4 center “tubes” are where the headrests fit in, and the 4 hook looking things are how the top of the rear seat attaches:
This is the hooks on the back of the center armrest / storage area.  It basically hooks at the top and bolts down at the bottom:
These arrows point to mounting points for the rear seat bench:

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