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Who say's you can't have a factory BMW Bluetooth module in older model cars!  I put this in around 2004 and it has worked perfect with every model phone I've had since.  The Bluetooth module gives you all convenience of hands free dialing, steering wheel controls, dial from nav screen and so on.

Tools required:

  • Phillips head screwdriver

  • 10MM Socket / Ratchet or Wrench

  • Zip Tie

  • Coat hanger to fish a cable or 2

**I am currently using a Blackberry 9800 and iPhone with this setup, and it works great.**

Please Click On Any Picture Below To Enlarge That Picture.
Here’s what I’m installing.  This will allow for an aftermarket Bluetooth compatible phone:
Here is the new tray that replaces the existing tray:
Unscrew these 2 screws and push whole armrest forward to remove:
Snap out all tray's, I started in the front of the passenger side tray:
Re-Install and Hook up all cables:
Now let move to the trunk, remove the Nav System and CD Changer:
Open up the cover, sorry for the bad pic:
Move to the rear seat and remove the C Pillar:
Now remove the 3 screws and pull out C Pillar cover:
I wanted to mount the Bluetooth antenna in the rear cabin, I believe this is where BMW recommends.  Using a coat hanger I fished the cable through:
Success, here is the coat hanger.  This was my test run:
Cable now pulled through:
Bluetooth antenna hooked up and attached:
External antenna lead and cars phone cable:
Plug this into the previously pictured cable:
I taped it up to make sure it stays connected:
Here’s where I mounted the ULF.  I was able to get 1 screw from the existing bracket and then just zip tied the top to secure:
Here’s the only extra I had to buy:
I was told I sound very far away when talking, so I swapped micro phone and sunroof switch positions.  I had to shave off some of the plastic to get the sunroof switch to fit, they are not exactly the same size:
Installed and I am told it sounds much better:
Pairing Up:
Phone in tray:
Here's a short Video of how great this works!

I've had this for many years, gone through many different phones and it works freakin' great.  Still one of my most favorite mods!


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