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Enjoy, and remember ALWAYS work safe and I assume NO RESPONSIBILTY for your actions, mechanical abilities or anything that may occur during the nature of any repair.

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My windshield wipers just stopped going back the the ''home'' position, basically parked under the hood a bit.  Instead they would stop about 1 inch from the full return position.  This repair was easy, but it was a royal PITA to diagnose!!!



  • 5MM allen wrench

  • 2 hands

Please click here to open a new window and read the Service Bulletin that thoroughly describes the problem, and also explain other issues that may be encounter when this relay fails.

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Pretty easy and cheap fix, here’s a pic of the part.  Part cost me $20.10 with BMW CCA discount:
Tools required are 2 hands and a 5mm Allen wrench:
Remove the cover on the fuse box located on the passenger side of the engine compartment:
Removed, note you do not need to totally remove the screws:
Cover removed and here is what you see, the arrow shows the DME [silver box]:
This is what we are replacing:
Now, if you are just changing the relay there is no need to remove all this stuff.  I simply slid out the DME.  I did not remove any of the plugs:
Set the DME aside like so:
Now that it is opened up here’s a better pic of what we are replacing?  Simply pull up on the old relay, when installing the new relay the part number faces the firewall:
Put the new one in, slide the DME back in place:
Put the cover back on, tighten the screws and you’re done:

Start the car, turn on the wipers and watch them return to the “Home” position every time!!!!!!


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