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Enjoy, and remember ALWAYS work safe and I assume NO RESPONSIBILTY for your actions, mechanical abilities or anything that may occur during the nature of any repair.

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Let me explain something before you start reading and looking at the pictures.  I did a ton of engine work, all bundled together, it included valve cover gaskets, valve cover painting, valley pan, intake gaskets, spark plugs and on and on, so some of the pictures will show colored valve covers and that's because I take pictures as I go and some of them get tossed because of clarity!



  • A Torque Wrench

  • 10mm Socket

  • Spark Plug Socket

  • Ratchet

  • Socket extension

  • Anti-Seize Compound

  • Small Flat Head Screwdriver

Ok, let's get started.

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First remove the acoustic cover.  Push these 4 plugs in and pop the cover loose:
Now take a flat head screwdriver, pop these little covers off and remove the 10mm bolts that hold them on:
Now that those covers are removed you’ll be staring at the bremi coils and below those bremi coils are the spark plugs.  So first things first, remove the plugs that sit on top of the bremi coils.  To do this simply slide the metal tab with your flat head screwdriver and pull them off:
Now label each one of the bremi coils so you can put them back in the same location they came from.  You don’t want to mix these up, so label them!  Take a 10mm socket and remove the nuts on each side and finally pull the bremi coils off.  NOTE:  You may have to pull the bremi coils with some force:
Now that those are out you can remove all 8 spark plugs.  Yes 8, it is an 8 cylinder, 4 on each side…….Ha-Ha-Ha.  With the spark plugs removed you can see some of the pooling oil, um yeah, that means Valve Covers need replacing!  I did this in my major maintenance, but I am splitting this up for instruction purposes:
And some oil pooling on the other side, oddly enough, the pooling was isolated to the rear most spark plugs on each side facing the firewall:
Minus the plugs that had some oil on them, the other plugs looked pretty dark and were definitely due a change:
Here’s the 2 plugs that had oil pooling, not the worst I’ve ever seen but it was only going to get worse:
I pulled NGK’s out and they were the original, everything I have read and in talking to the parts department it sounds like BMW is recommending these Bosch plugs now.  All seems well since I put them in, and I’ve been driving with them for about 14,000 miles so far:
New Plug end, shiny:
No question on torque specs here.  The package said 21 ft. lbs. and that’s what I torque’d them to, all seemed good:
Ok to finish up put a dab of anti-seize compound on the plug and rub it around the threads prior to putting the plugs in, this will help you out when you go to change the next time:
Put the 8 plugs in and torque to 21 ft. lbs., reinstall the bremie coils and bolt them down:
Finally put the plugs on the top of the bremi coils and reinstall the covers.  You’re done!:

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