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Sometimes things do go wrong!

So I got everything I was doing associated with the valley pan done. I didn't break, strip or mess up anything and that was a long ass job! Well to end it all I had to change the oil so I could check the oil pump bolts and change the oil pan gaskets.  I grabbed my torque wrench and 36mm socket to get the cap off the oil filter canister and I put some umph into it, well the cap isn't budging, so then I decide of I need more umph.....I crank it and it still isn't going anywhere....this thing is not coming off I said, it says MAX 25nm right on the top so even at the max torque it's not that bad....  So I grabbed my larger, longer torque wrench and as I cranking the shit out of it I hear a crack, I though man all this work and I just now broke something....what the heck....I look below and the piece of crap little rubber mounts with screws poking out of them broke.

Well now the damn oil filter canister is hanging there, it broke off the bracket so I went and got my neighbor to come turn the wrench while I held the canister so I could finish up, well we got it, but it was on there soooo tight. I didn't do the previous oil change so the mechanic that changed my oil must have thought he was Magilla Gorilla because that sum'bitch was on there soooo tight....

The moral of my story, be careful before you start ranking the wrench on the cap to the oil filter canister....lol duh, like we all don't know that....right....



  • 10mm Socket
  • Ratchet [Socket Wrench]

So here is my DIY for part number 11 42 1 436 982 with a cost of about $7 a piece.  $7 and they're not even gold plated, ridiculous!  BTW, I think they should run the screw all the way through the rubber mount!

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Because you probably don't want to drive with the oil filter canister not attached, go to dealer and buy 2 of these, again part number 11 42 1 436 982.  Here are the new ones, NOT worth $7 a piece that's for sure
Come home and get out your 10mm socket / wrench and unscrew these 2 nuts, lift canister up, remove bracket, unscrew the 2 broken rubber mounts, screw in 2 new rubber mounts, put the bracket back on and secure the 2 nuts:
Put the old rubber mounts on the work bench and laugh at how stupid I am! Don't laugh at me too hard, LOL, but I don't mind bantering myself for stupid shit. I'm true!

FYI, super glue won't hold, lol.....


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