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Where’d the light go?  My mileage became very dim all of the sudden, but with a few taps on the cluster it would reappear so I figured a bulb was out.  Pretty easy swap here, you just want to be careful handling the instrument cluster.

There are 5 total that light up the Multifunction Display in the Instrument Cluster, so if you want to replace them all have at it, but plan on spending about $20 for just the bulbs, I replaced only the burnt out bulb.



  • T-10 Torx Bit

  • 1/4” Ratchet

  • Needle Nose Pliers

  • Small Flat Head Screwdriver

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Here’s a look at how dim the mileage shines, I can’t hardly see it:
Tool shot, basic stuff and maybe 10 minutes to replace the bulb.  I know some guys that would claim 3 minutes, but they usually start the clock when the part is out of the car….lol….  I’m a realist!:
First prep the car to get the cluster out, this means lowering the steering wheel as low as it will go and then extending it out as far as it will go.  If the car was asleep and you needed to put the key in the ignition, after the lowering and extending is done take the car key out of the ignition and DO NOT put it back in until the cluster is re-installed.  Here’s the steering wheel all the way down and out:
Now I recommend putting a cloth or towel on the steering wheel column so you don’t scratch the plastic face of the cluster:
Now we need to remove these 2 screws.  See my garage walls?  I just painted it a nice cool light yellow [lemon ice], the builder fully finished it and I don’t know why I didn’t have them paint it, but man it turned out great!
Now remove the 2 T-10 Torx Head Screws.  HINT:  If you have torx bits without the socket you can take a ¼” socket and put the bit in it and now use your ratchet.  It works in a pinch, although I wouldn’t recommend this for every job:
Now slide a pry tool or your finger if it fits and pop the cluster out:
Once loose just rest it on the top of the steering column and get ready to remove the three plugs and one wire harness holder:
Here are 2 of plugs we need to remove.  Push the little clip and then slid the arm down to remove:
Then just pull them out:
Now remove this wire harness holder, simply pinch and pull it out:
Now remove the last plug just the same as the other 2:
Now take the cluster out and over to the workbench to replace the bulb[s].  Start by removing the bulb[s], I actually unscrewed a few before finding the one that was burnt out.  Just look at the filament and you’ll be able to tell which one is dead:
New bulb, that comes with a premium $$:
Once the old bulb is out, grab the new one with some needle nose pliers, insert it and then lock it in place:
Now take the cluster, reinstall it and start the car to see if it fixed the issue.  Looks good to me!:
By taking the cluster out you lose some settings so now you’ll need to reprogram those.  I also customize the programming to see less junk when I toggle through the various displays on the Multifunction Display.  If you didn’t know you could do that here’s how, push the end of the turn signal stalk until you see “PROG” on the Multifunction Display:
Now skip over to the NAV screen and deselect what you don’t want and then scroll to memorize.  Now when you scroll through the Multifunction Display settings you won’t get all the useless garbage!  There you have it, a new bulb fixed the dullness of my Multifunction Display:

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