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Changing out the fuel filter is a pretty easy task, BMW recommends 100K but I won’t wait that long again because the fuel that came out of the old filter was pure filth.  The fuel filter is located below the front passenger side door, underneath a panel.



  • Floor Jack

  • Jack Stand

  • 6mm, 8mm and 10mm Sockets

  • 7mm Torx Bit

  • Ratchet

  • Small Flat head Screwdriver

  • Small Hose Clamps

  • Needle Nose Pliers

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I started by jacking the car up and putting it on stands:
And now put the car on jack stands:
Now remove 2 of those push pin style clips by sliding you screwdriver under the head and pulling it out, then 2 10mm nuts and finally 6 or so 8mm hex head screws.  Pretty easy to get off, here are 2 that need to be removed:
3 more 8mm bolts:
1 more, this one was great, at some point the car clearly scrapped something, bottomed out on a speed bump or something because the head of this was a little out of shape so I took my pliers to remove.  Thankfully the 8mm socket would fit the head though:
Here’s one the nuts that needs to be removed.  10mm I remember, remove this bend the heat shield up and then pull the panel out:
Now that the panel is off here is the fuel filter.  Remove the hose clamps on the fuel side of the hose, these are the factory clamps so to remove basically cut the clamp and pull them off.  Be careful not to cut or slice the hose:
I clamped off 2 of the 3 fuel lines so fuel would not drain out.  I clamped the front line and then the rear line that faces towards the passenger side exterior of the car.  After these are clamped, loosen the bolt that holds it in [I think a 7mm torx] remove the small hose that comes off the regulator [this hose is not clamped], then work off the other hoses, I started by removing the front hose and then sliding it forward to remove the rear hoses.  HAVE a bucket underneath to drop the fuel filter in as the gas in the fuel filter is going to drain out.  NO SMOKING:
Here’s a pic of the dirty fuel pouring out of the filter.  NOTE:  Yes the fuel was dirty, but a lot of the grit you see in the tub was dirt falling off the car as I was wrestling the fuel filter out:
Now prepare to put the new fuel filter in.  Loosen the clamp and slide the old clamp and rubber fitting off:
It came off pretty easy:
Then slide the whole assembly on the new fuel filter, I slide the rubber fitting on first and then fit the clamp over the top of it.  Reinstall the filter, hook up the hoses and use NEW hose clamps.  I now lowered the car and started it.  When I started the car it stumbled for a few seconds and then ran normal:

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