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So I’ve had my eye on this fan and fan clutch since I turned 100K, and I had thoughts of riding it out but the horror stories of the exploding fans got the best of me so replacement it will be.

This is about as simple as it gets, unless you have trouble getting the fan clutch removed from the water pump.  I’ve never had issues, but I have read of people having trouble.



  • 32mm wrench for fan

  • Strap wrench or the like to hold the pulley to remove fan clutch [I made a tool]

  • Ratchet and/or Torque Wrench

  • 5mm allen wrench socket bit

Please Click On Any Picture Below To Enlarge That Picture.
Pictures of the new Fan blades:
New Fan Clutch:
Other side of New Fan Clutch.  The big bolt is what attaches the fan to the water pump:
Take off the old.  You’ll need a large crescent wrench or 32mm open ended wrench to loosen the fan clutch bolt.  REMEMBER:  Righty – Loosey, Lefty – Tighty on the Fan Clutch [reverse threads]:
Here’s a close up of the tool I made for the fan clutch removal when I did my Water Pump:
Close up of wrench I use, I also use this on my bicycle too.  If you have trouble finding this size wrench, go to your local bike shop and you can pick one up for $15-20 bucks:
Here’s the old fan I pulled out:
Marry the 2, I sorta’ guessed on the torque specs.  I torque'd the old fan and guessed 12 ft. lbs. based on that, I also added a little loc-tite blue for added security:
Take your new fan and fan clutch, install it on the car and start it up.  Engine on and spinning here:
Still running good:
Ok, a little warm up, all looks good.
Top view new fan / fan clutch:
Side view, looks the same, ah maybe a little cleaner and NEW:


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