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Well my DSC / ABS module failed!  How’d I know?  The ABS Light, Brake Light and Traction Control Light were a dead giveaway!  What would happen is at a cold start everything would work great, but then once the car got nice and warm under the hood these lights would kick on basically shutting down the traction control and ABS braking.  Really not too bad for dry weather, but not safe at all for rainy, snowy wet weather.

I chose to send it out to Module Master for a rebuild, rather than buying a new one.  Why?  Because by having them rebuild my module it carries a 5 year warranty, was only $300 and does not require any coding versus a new one that runs between $500-$700, only has a 2 year warranty and requires coding of the new module so that's about another $100.

It’s pretty easy to take this module out, but first let me explain a laundry list of things that are a problem once the module comes out. 

They say that you can drive the car while the module is getting rebuilt, and as I tested, Yes you can but get ready for the list of things that didn’t work while the module was out.  Curiosity got me and I just had to see what would be gone without this module, so I drove it a few miles, not many though, I rode the bike for the week it was gone.  For safety reasons I’m going to say DO NOT drive it.  Here’s what I report as not working:

  • No Speedometer

  • SES with code P0500

  • No ABS

  • No DSC [Traction Control]

  • No GPS for the Navi

  • No Mileage was Calculated

  • No Trip Mileage Meter

  • No Fuel Consumption 1 or 2

  • No Auto Lock

  • No Speed Sensitive Radio

  • No Cruise Control

  • The Temp Gauge Read 31* - 33* [even though it was much warmer than that]

  • The Brakes Were Extremely Mushy

  • The Steering Was Really “Loose”

Ok, now let’s get a tool check:

  • 1/4” Ratchet

  • 1/4” T-Handle Flex Ratchet

  • T-20 Torx Bit Socket

  • 1/2 “ & 1” Socket Extension

  • Flat Head Screwdriver

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Here are the error lights you may receive when the Module fails.  As you can see it is the ABS, Brake and Traction Control Lights, so that means these don’t work so safety is an issue:
Here’s a pic of the tools I listed about and you with great success.  If you want you can take the air box out, but I didn’t want to deal with that, and honestly if you have the proper tools you won’t need to:
So now we get to take the module out and get it package for shipping.  Here is what I am removing, just the black box.  Once you remove the plug, there are 6 T-20 Torx Head Bolts to remove, 3 on each side:
Take your screwdriver and carefully pry open the lock on the plug, like so, now grasp the plug and pull it off:  
Then remove the 6 torx head bolts, again 3 on each side, the bottom left and right are the most difficult to get at:  
Now the other side:  
Then pull the module off:  
Here’s what it look like with the module off:  
Back side of the module after removed:  
Now package it up via the instructions provided by the company that will rebuild yours.  I packed mine really, really well, shipped it USPS priority with $700 worth of insurance for about $18.  Good thing I have another mode of transportation, LOL, ha-ha-ha…..but this is exactly how it got to the post office:  
Alright, it was exactly 7 days and I have it back in my hands, so lets install it and see if it works.  Here it is unpackaged:  
These are the lights that popped up with the module completely removed:  
Re-Install the same way as removed, and then put the plug on and lock it down:  
When I started the car the ABS, Brake and Traction Control lights where immediately gone, but the CEL remained.  Me being an instant gratification guy I wanted the CEL light gone, so out came the code reader:  
Shot of the plug for the code reader:  
Pop off the OBD cover, by releasing the clip on the underside:  
Now remove the next cover and plug in the code reader:  
Turn the ignition to position 2 and if the code reader doesn’t power up, turn it on.  Next hit the “Link” button on the code reader to start to read any codes that are present:  
Then see what codes are present.  In this case P0500 - “Vehicle Speed Sensor A”:  
Now I’ll clear it out by pressing “Erase”, then when it shows “Sure”, I will press and hold the “Erase” button until it tells me it is cleared.  Finally I always read the codes one more time for good measure, sure enough no codes!:  
I took the car out for a nice hard spirited drive testing hard braking, steering, hard fast cornering, Navi, Odometer, Speedometer and so on and all seems well so far.  I will report back if any changes come about with this repair:  

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