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I searched and found a lot of info on this replacement for 98, 97 and even a 5'er, but nothing for a '99+ 740 Camshaft Position [Speed] Sensor. So I did a short write-up to have around.

Story: My SES light was on then off, then on and off......  I finally caught a code and it reported code P0340.  This was easy, did it on my lunch hour. The only thing is space on passenger side, there isn't much.



  • 5mm Allen Socket
  • Ratchet
  • Flathead Screwdriver
Please Click On Any Picture Below To Enlarge That Picture.
Here is what the Camshaft Position Sensors & O-Rings look like.
This picture show the difference between the 1996-1998 style and the 1999-2001 style.
Start out by removing this cover, as shown.
I started with what “appeared” to be the worst location, Passenger Side / Bank 1.

Next loosen the “hose clamps” and unclip the “clips”.
Now remove the MAF sensor.  I didn’t unplug the wiring on top of the MAF, as it is long enough to slide it to the side.
Remove this bolt, from what I can tell it secures the MAF from floating around.
Now remove the CPS, there isn’t much room, but I had luck loosening it and then unscrewing by hand.  It’s a 5mm allen screw if you have trouble seeing photo text.
To remove the sensors plug, simply push in on this metal clip and pull off.
Passenger side “bank 1” done.
Now let’s move on to Drivers side “bank 2”.
Remove this 5mm Allen Screw.
Dual picture for ease, but push in the metal clip to remove this plug side.
Replace the “Acoustic Cover”.

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